SMART Room System™

온라인 미팅과 협업으로
귀사의 중요한 시간과 비용을 절감하십시오.

SMART Visual Collaboration Solution

귀사의 귀중한 시간와 비용을 절약하십시오.

Smart Streamlined Online Meeting

원터치 Quick Start 회의 기능으로 쉽게 시작하고, 상호 협업하고, 회의록을 공유할 수 있습니다.


Engaged Collaboration Meeting

무한의 작업 공간에서 실시간으로 모든 사람들이 함께 참여하여 신속한 의사결정이 가능하며 원활한 소통이 가능합니다.


Contents Collaboration Meeting

워드, 엑셀, 파워포인트 등 오피스 프로그램뿐 아니라 어떤 Application도 다자간 같이 상호 작업이 가능해 집니다.

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SMART Room System™ for Microsoft® Lync®

This integrated hardware solution combines touch-enabled displays with an HD video camera, microphones and speakers to enable rich audio, video and data collaboration.

SMART Room System™ with Meeting Pro software

Revolutionize the way you conduct business with a SMART Room System with Meeting Pro.

SMART kapp®

SMART kapp combines the simple experience of working on a whiteboard with an app that enables you to save work in high resolution formats and to invite remote participants to view the content in real-time.

SMART kapp iQ™

SMART kapp iQ offers the same familiar whiteboarding experience as SMART kapp, but adds the ability for two-way inking. Participants can contribute back to the board from their device in real time. It can also be used as a 4K display. Simply connect your laptop to showcase your content.

SMART Board 8000 series interactive flat panels

Combine a premium touch experience with stunning resolution to make every meeting an engrossing and productive experience. Available in 55”, 65” and 84” models, they accommodate any meeting room environment.

SMART Meeting Pro™ 4.0 software

Collaborate in the Unbound Workspace, leverage multiple displays and save meeting time, all within one powerful software application.

SMART Meeting Pro™ Personal Edition 1.4

Discover the latest version of SMART Meeting Pro PE software 1.4. This powerful visual collaboration software allows users to create and capture ideas in the virtually unlimited unbound workspace. SMART Ink enables users to annotate in their everyday applications.

SMART Bridgit® conferencing software

Share screens, voice and video with anyone who has an Internet connection. Engage deeply with remote participants through robust on-screen interactions – at any time and from any location.

SMART Board™ 800 series interactive whiteboard system

Effectively collaborate through multi-user finger and pen navigation, digital ink and the ability to save your work in one easy-to-use system.

SMART Podium™ interactive pen display

Interact with content and write in SMART Ink using a tethered pen. It's ideal for home offices or spaces where re-projection on a large screen is required, such as presentation halls or auditoriums.

SMART product accessories

Get more from SMART's interactive displays with accessories that increase flexibility and enhance functionality.